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Not Bad For A Human (2015) - Lyrics

Posted by afectual on November 14, 2016 at 5:15 PM


Connected, to a network, like batteries feeding it

Alive Ghosts wasting their lives, without feelings

Remember those days running up the trees

Now the only thing they run is this labyrinth


Chatting with others like a noisy swarm

Connected and rejecting humanity

Life is more than this bunch of virtual lies

Life is more than this trendy shitty net


Rejected, the machines turned off, let us alone

They did the journey, they meet Flynn & CLU

They forgot the old world, they made a new one

Humanity is returned to its inhumanity


Animals trapped by mother machine

Now all you'll serve as human-fuel


The keys of nowadays are the locks of the future

Banging our head against the same wall twice


Rising from the violence, destroying the meaning of life

Violence is the goodness of mankind now

Leaving the clues like bloodspots in the cold snow

The crosses wound the back of new MMA Messiah


The sun burns them all, the hate illuminates the sky

Modern old warriors, new gladiators who scorns... the Ascension


Nature is wiser than Gods

You pray the nothingness

The escape to our pathetic paths

Is knocking their heads against the walls


Manhunt as a lifestyle, the old trees dies standing

A child between nightmares, becomes a monster

We fight as angry monkeys in an space odyssey

We are killing each other; we've always done it this way


The sun burns them all, the hate illuminates the sky

Modern old warriors, new gladiators who scorns... the Ascension


Tired and beaten by anxiety

My muscles are frozen because

I cannot take the law into my own hands

Every second that passes I hate more this world


I need a sign to end their lives

I need a sign of my own subconscious

The breathing quickens with each movement of the knife

I will destroy every cell of those who seek my goddess


I cannot calm down!!

My peace is just a fictional state of mind

I cannot stop thinking about killing them all

My serenity is a costume ... so artificial !


My fears are asking me out






The only sacred truth is our selfishness’s

While we distort our life in virtual words

We the traitors ink signs we ever understand

'cause we're old and we look like a burned match


The defenders of the loudmouths snakes

Always get exactly what they have deserved

The future will come and devours us all

But remember I created all alone before!!


The limits of perception are the doors of infinity


The mind of the weak will perish by drugs and mediocrity

While the illuminated light beings follow their path to transcending


Be yourself, Let it bleed

Be yourself, Live encouraged

Let it in, the energy of stars

I am just a breeze, and Universe is a game



I'm not unique, but loneliness is my only refuge

I 'm a vampire of my own body, I eat what I think

I should cover everything that I create, every life every note

'cause the Medusa keeps an eye on us, petrifies with his snake-tongue


Only a fool generates copies in his mind to be like another

Only the stupid aspire to imaginary thrones

Only they persevere in taking the lives of others

Because the bitterness overflows through their mouth and chokes


Black Sick , Tears of Envy

Black Sick , You don't have anything that belongs to you

Black Sick , just fuck your mouth and gall

You destroy what you play to be like her


You're a fake copy for yourself

Time will not forgive

Because full your body of acid and salt

You and your slave live a lie of perfection

But you're just a cloned impostor


Old memories like spines scratch the surface of life

Clear like footsteps in the snow, our paths disappear

Only the unspeakable Troll, the true Lord of other age

Would make us dust again, and bury us in the oceans like it was


The mortal sign of infinity,

The terse vision of mortality

Death alike, Silence conceals

Bounced by the blinded judge of eternity


Null and void, one belongs the others

Null and void, without any chance,

in chains they pray for their life

The only law is permanence while we get darkened


Uthden-Troll will have its revenge






My past blurs like a erased grave

I try to persist but my footsteps disappear

The future is only a forgotten dream

But my time is right here and now


I have all my memories in a cage

I write with blood only my destiny


Deserts from the forgotten past that I

Want to leave behind because

I’ll try to understand the true and only meaning of

This comedy turning in my personal tragedy


I have my memories in a cage

The ashes are a sequel of my decisions


Never, ends, my way to Wonderland

Never, ends, my way to Nightmare Land




You think you are evil,

But the devil is compromise

Don't hesitate and ignore those vampires

They screw you and exploit your talent


My believes are my only Religion

But you believe in fashion and fame

Look at your living style makes me sick

Surrounded by false worshipers and drugs


Remember every time you have failed me

Remember when 'u sold your soul to the snake

Always been insignificant copies

Together you'll smell the putrefaction in the air


(The darkest hour comes before the dawn.)








10- Bonus track 1 - DEATH ACTUALLY

O Mighty Lord Satan, by whom all things are set free,

I cast myself utterly into thine arms

And place myself unreservedly under thy all powerful protection.

Comfort me and deliver me from all of the hindrances

And snares of those who wish to harm me, both seen and unseen.

Visit justice and vengeance upon those who seek my destruction.

Render them powerless and devastated.

Direct their malice to return upon them tenfold

And to destroy them who would resent my being.

Fill my soul with thy invincible power, strengthen me,

That I may persevere in my service,

And act as an agent of thy works and a vessel of thy will.

This I ask in your name, almighty and ineffable

Lord Satan who liveth and reigneth forevermore.


Ave Satanas

(Industrial Noise with lyrics satanicum & screams)

11- Bonus track 2 - Head Like a Hole (NIN Cover)


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