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Alienadept is an avantgarde metal project created by Vltra in 2007 with the inspiration of bands like The Kovenant, Arcturus, Ramzet and <Code>.

With a few first demos, a first band line up was formed by Vltra (guitar, voice and production), Jevo (bass), Victor (drums) & Ivan (piano and synths), forming the first period of the band more electronic and industrial oriented. In 2009 They record INDUSTRIAL TWILIGHT, with 80% of the songs written and singed by Vltra, and collaboration of Ivan in piano and composition in "IT" and "Church", and Jevo in "House of Jevo".

After a few concerts and festivals shared with industrial and blackmetal bands, the band parted ways with Ivan, and Vltra decided to play the synths and electronics himself. With a virtually "dead industrial scene" in the bands hometown, they decided to record a second album with collaboration of vocalists of other scene bands like EMBELLISH and BLOOD. this album was called THE STUPID SIDE OF DARKNESS and featured different critics of society and gothic/industrial endogamic spanish scene, drugs abuse, animal punishment and philosophical personal Vltra experiences. The album was released using CC licensing in 2010.

The band covered the synths post with different "fake" playback players using pre-recorded pianos and synths played by Vltra. This fact has been openly recognized and spoken by Vltra, who wanted to preserve the magic not only playing without a pianoman, but adding that playback control and sampling element. At least 2 girls had played this role, but they were just "EXTRAS" without musical knowledges, just acting for preserving that magic, white the real fact is that all the synths and pianos were prerecorded by Vltra.

In 2011, having played some more shows, they appeared on MTv music TV channel performing with MITSURUGGY.

Vltra started the writting progress of his masterpiece LAGOON NEBULA along 2011/2012 playing all instruments and scoring a symphonic soundtrack for the support of the album. He relocated the band's studio in Balearic Islands and after some differents mishaps, He finished the production in 2013, releasing the album in Christmas.

After WOA Metal Battle in 2014, Vltra produced two videos with the album songs UNREAL REALITY and ULTRADARK MINDS with the concerts and different audiovisual content featuring Metropolis film and Sara Von Hammersmark abandoned buildings footage.

In september 2014, Vltra started to write new material for a new album on his own. This new solitary stage won't let the project the chance to play live but will express the wildest side of Vltra's music likes. Alienadept worked together with Chronomyth band in a couple of remixes for late 2014.

The new album NOT BAD FOR A HUMAN is going to be released in MARCH 2015.

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Industrial Twilight Revisited (2016) Lyrics

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1- Alien Brain Transfer


Machines dominate human existence

and those whom we call children once

Unleash the last of the plagues

No one will control the destiny


Remember their faces and smell,

because you can not smell the corpses forgotten

They lived so long ago


You can take your hand or die

Life is no longer a gift, when finished

Just zeros and ones falling down

until they arrive in exodus...

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Not Bad For A Human (2015) - Lyrics

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Connected, to a network, like batteries feeding it

Alive Ghosts wasting their lives, without feelings

Remember those days running up the trees

Now the only thing they run is this labyrinth


Chatting with others like a noisy swarm

Connected and rejecting humanity

Life is more than this bunch of virtual lies

Life is more than this trendy shitty net


Rejected, the machines turned off, let us alone

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Lagoon Nebula (2012) - Lyrics

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The space disappeared when we breathed the same air

But now I can only see the emptiness of a reality that I can not see


The days disappear into our alien box

Time was running like a river of fire collapsing

The pictures... they painted themselves, green smoke intoxicated me

I just remember my head floating in strange places


Apocalyptic dreams

Shared among worlds

Again I saw it all al...

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Alienadept to Release NOT BAD FOR A HUMAN

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Alienadept welcomes the new release of NOT BAD FOR A HUMAN album with the release of our new video based on the works of Olivier de Sagazan and entitled "SURREAL". The main cover of the album will be developt these weeks, but the tracklist will be posted on new year's day.