In the original idea of ​​remixing process , Industrial Twilight has become something new, and we have finally re -recorded 10 songs again completely... 

The result is something different, far from the 2008 version , and near to the new 'more aggressive' sound and avantgarde than ever ... 

Plans to re- edit the whole discography go ahead , this time through ' Abomination Records ' and in digipack format, and editions will feature remixes, and some extra ' special ' stuff ... 

Moreover, after a few months writing new songs, Alienadept will be recording the 5th album in May, held in Infernal Sound Studios in Mallorca starts soon... and is entitled 

' O B S C U R O L O G Y' 

Prepare for the 'new and ol' to come ?! 

 Vltra .


The New album "Not Bad For a Human" is ready for downloading in:…

Youtube Channel:

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El nuevo álbum "Not Bad For a Human" está disponible para su descarga en:…
También en el canal de Youtube :

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The tracklist of the new album is:


1 - Mother machine

2 - Ascension

3 - Artificial

4 - Universe is a Game

5 - The Cloned Impostor

6 - Darkened

7 - Aged Sores

8 - The Devil is compromise

9 - Ingenting


10- bonus track 1 - Death Actually

11- bonus track 2 - Head Like a Hole ( NIN Cover)

Alienadept is proud to present SURREAL, the advance of NOT BAD FOR A HUMAN new album to be released on march 2014, so enjoy this teaser: